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Past Projects

A Healthy Community is a Wealthy Community - Empowering Two Central Hospitals in Isoko

IANA hosted her bi-annual convention at Silver Spring, Maryland, USA in July, 2014. The fund raised in the convention were used to execute two communities' projects in Oleh and Ozoro Central Hospitals. The two central hospitals received one Operating Table, one Sonostar Ultrasound Scanner, and one Digital Electrocardiograph Machine respectively.

Current Projects

Isoko Association of North America partnered with the Ibrede minority community of Isoko origin.

This partnership is to build a befitting school intended to benefit the Ibrede community, situated in Ibrede town in Isoko land of Nigeria. This is a modest project, with extensive commitment from IANA, friends/well-wishers of IANA and the sons and daughters of Ibrede in the USA. This project is progressing to advance stages of completion, as can be seen from the pictures posted below; showing the old school, various facets of the current progress and the projected completion model, which is the ultimate goal of the project.

Charity Events

Isoko Association of North America has participated in a number of Charity Events both in the USA and in Nigeria.

Some of the awards and attestation to these charitable endeavours can be seen below.