About IANA

The Isoko Association of North America (IANA) is a nonprofit and nonpolitical umbrella organization of people of Isoko descent who reside in the North American continent.

One of the goals of IANA is to engage in and facilitate the healthy, economic, intellectual, and cultural development of Isoko Peoples around the world. Also included in this goal is IANA desire to provide relief to disaster areas, assisting the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged especially in Nigeria.

As of December 2015, IANA (Isoko Association of North America) has been able to equip regional hospitals with much-needed medical equipment. With your kind generosity, we aim to continue our work within the region, providing assistance to the various communities within the Isoko region.

IANA Executives

Chief Mrs. Queen Olomu

President General

Mr. Gibbson Akwevagbe

Vice President

Mr. Basil Anaide

Secretary General

Mr. Gabriel Odueme


Dr. Austin Felix Owhobete

Dir. of Homeland Development

Mr. Amos Ekuwem

Director of Publicity

Mrs. Thelma Elohor Eyetan

Financial Secretary

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Isoko Association of North America (IANA)

Mr Fedelix Ojah

Houston President (BoT Chairman)

Mr Oke Ogbimi

Dallas/Forth Worth President

Mr Ajiri Atto

Toronto President

Mr Ben Adhuze

Atlanta President

Mr James Onosu

Grater Washington (DC) President

Dr Umugbe Oghenesume

Isoko Dev. Union of California

Bishop Ejomah Johnson

Northern California President

Mr Julius Tolota

The Midwestern President

Chief Moses James

Isoko Progressive Union LA President

Mr Godwill Oletu

New York President

Organisational Growth

The Isoko Association of North America (IANA) was conceived in a meeting of Mr. Prosper Ezo and Mr. David Agbuduta in Dallas, Texas, USA. They proceeded to properly incorporate the association as a 501 (c) organization.

The founding Chapters of IANA were seven (7) in number namely:
• Isoko Association of Dallas, Fort Worth
• Isoko Association of New York, New Jersey & Connecticut (IANY)
• Isoko Association of Atlanta
• Isoko Cultural Association of Toronto
• Isoko Development Union of California
• Isoko Progressive Union of Los Angeles
• Isoko Association of The Carolinas

In 2002, IANA had its first convention in Los Angeles. Since then, IANA has witnessed reasonable growth in the addition of more Chapters to its fold as follows:
• The Isoko Association of Houston (2006)
• Isoko Association of Greater Washington DC
• The Isoko Association of Midwest (2022)

As at today, the total number of Chapters in IANA total 10, with a couple or so more in the process of joining the fold. There is power and strength in numbers. This development harbours the promise of a bright future for IANA with capacity to respond to the challenges of its mission statement and objectives.

Isoko Association of Atlanta, Inc, GA

Incorporated as a not-for-profit association registered in the state of Georgia, USA.

Isoko Association of DFW, TX

A group of Isoko people united for a common cause to improve the lives of their community.

Isoko Association of Houston, TX

A non-profit socio-cultural organization of Isoko people and residents, living in Houston,Texas.

Isoko Development Union of California, Los Angeles

General membership is open to Isoko people living in the Southern California.

Isoko Progressive Union of Southern California, Inc

The Isoko Progressive Union is a second chapter in California.

Isoko Association of New York/New Jersey & Connecticut (IANY)

The Isoko Association of New York is a support group.

Isoko Cultural Association Toronto, Canada

The Isoko Cultural Association is the Toronto Chapter of the IANA.

The Isoko Association of Greater Washington DC (IAGWDC)

An association of Isoko sons & daughters of Isoko land.

The Isoko Association of Northern California, CA (IANC).

IANC is an association of Isoko people and residents, in Northern California.

The Isoko Association of America, Midwest Chapter

An association of Isoko people and residents living in the Midwest of the United State of America.

IANA Constitution

You can read and view our 2014 IANA Constitution and ByLaws